Building Guide

Steps to Designing, Planning, and Construction

Pandanus Constructions work closely with the client to ensure a smooth, hassle free and enjoyable building project.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

We meet the client on-site to discuss desired project outcomes.

Meeting of engineers
Design team planning for a new project

Step 2

Establish Concept Plans

  • We meet with the architect or building designer
  • They establish a concept plan and submit it to council for planning approval

We can introduce you to an architect or building designer that we have worked with on previous projects, or we can work with one of your choice.

Step 3

Provide Budget Estimate

  • We provide a budget estimate based on the concept plans
  • We then tailor the concept plans as necessary to meet budget and project outcomes
Mature Couple Calculating Budget
Architect with drawing

Step 4

Develop Working Drawings and Engineering Plans

The architect or building designer develops working drawings and engineering plans and submit these to council for building approval.

Step 5

Define Payment Structure

We can approach the payment structure in one of two ways.

All-Inclusive Fixed Quote

We develop an exact, all-inclusive fixed quote for the project

As the name suggests all aspects of the project are documented and fixed prices applied. This requires decisions on all final finishes, fittings and fixtures.

The all-inclusive fixed quote can provide peace of mind for the client and works well on new builds. With renovations and extensions the final pricing is always higher than the “open book” process.

This is because there are often a number of unknown costs that can occur and we need to allow for these in our fixed quotes.

The “Open Book” Process

This option involves further development of the budget estimate.

  • We obtain quotes from our suppliers and subcontractors for items and services before construction starts and then project manage the entire construction process

  • Pandanus Constructions are paid on an hourly rate throughout the project

  • We charge a percentage mark up on materials and subcontractors that we manage. We take complete responsibility for contractor payments, quality and integrity of all items and work undertaken on your project

  • We are also responsible for council compliance and building warranty

The “open book” process enables closer client interaction throughout the project, allowing the client to make dynamic budget adjustments with different selections, products and/or design decisions as the project progresses.

Step 6

Sign Contract and Commence Construction

We sign a building contract with the client, finalise the build time line and commence construction