Building Services

Custom Built Homes

Pandanus Constructions specialise in building unique, one-off, architecturally designed homes that utilise the very latest in contemporary building materials and practices.

Cutting edge design and lateral thinking meet to create modern, energy efficient homes built to specification, with project management from concept through to completion.


Pandanus Constructions can help you realise the full potential of your home with an extension or renovation.

  • Would you like more space?
  • Maybe an open plan living area, second storey addition or extra bedroom would help?
  • How about some new doors or windows, knocking out some walls, or updating your kitchen or bathroom?

An extension or renovation with Pandanus Constructions will bring your home up to speed.

Project Management

Project Management involves the responsibility of planning, executing, and ultimately closing any project.  More importantly, it must also involve the discipline of organising, securing and managing of resources to achieve all project goals within the particular project constraints.

Why engage a project management building specialist? Successful project management is more than just knowing what is going on, or overseeing a job.  It includes ensuring everyone on the team knows their role, executes it effectively, and feels supported.  

Pandanus Constructions are experienced in project management, this is displayed in the many projects that they have administered the contract and overseen the construction of a project.

When using a project management building professional, additional support is provided to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest level of quality; all exclusive characteristics that would only be expected from a business of this calibre.

Furthermore, your project management building professional has a vested interest in you, the client, and the specific requirements of your project.  By knowing your needs, and carefully collaborating with you, the project outline is understood, and necessary parameters are accommodated, and communicated to all involved stakeholders, contractors, and other parties. 

In addition, your project management building specialist will communicate with you to establish contingency plans, and necessary risk management documents to better ensure your project requirements are met. 

While understanding that issues may arise, it is imperative that effective strategies are used to minimise impact on the overall project.

Project management building professionals are available to oversee the entire project processes, from initial design, to completion, through to extensions, repairs and long term continuity.  Often, multiple firms and tradespersons are required sequentially to successfully complete a project within particular time constraints.  Your Project management building team are available to organise these other associates on your behalf, leaving your time available to you.  You can rest assured that your Pandanus Constructions project management building team are working on your behalf to achieve all your project goals.

Hospitality & Retail

Pandanus Constructions operates in the competitive commercial construction sector of the building industry in Queensland. The group has grown into a diverse service provider to Federal, State and Local Government clients, as well as corporate organisations, developers, local community organisations, and private clients.

Our services include general commercial construction, responsive maintenance, and concrete and carpentry trade packages. Our organisational values are on display in all corporate activities and our vision is to be the most professional quality builder in Queensland.